![Correspondence of Ultimate Comment symbols and Magickal symbols. Click to expand.](Magic.gif "fig:Correspondence of Ultimate Comment symbols and Magickal symbols. Click to expand.")Symbolism and metaphor is the language of the subconscious.

Throughout history, people have attached great significance to archetypes, myths, dreams, gods, demons etc. This is because these stories speak to the mind. All language is really metaphor: we conceptualise time as a line, awareness as light, moods as being 'up' or 'down', emotions as kinesthetic sensations etc. etc. Metaphor is the means by which the mind maps the external world to its own abstract dimension.

Religions (including The Ultimate Comment), ritual systems and the occult may be seen as complex symbolic systems, which acheive their power by cleverly programming the subconscious, redesigning beliefs, desires and behaviours. Freemasonry and alchemy are good examples.

A good way to apply symbolic metaprogramming is to tidy your home when you feel confused or paranoid. Restoring order to your home restores order to your mind. That's Magick, baby.

There are big ideas, that existed before we were born and will exist after we're dead, that are hardwired into the coding of our brains. Ideas like love, death, loss, the mother, the father, violence and many more. Carl Jung called them archetypes: symbols common to all people, which are seen throughout myth, religion and in our dreams. Joseph Campbell traced these archetypes throughout diverse mythologies and Jung explored the symbological system of alchemy.

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