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There's not enough fun to be had

Mr wants to know, "Are all you guys on crack here or what? Where do you get all this nonsensical garbage from?" A damn fine question; it comes from very eclectic sources. Bear in mind that we're very imaginative people. And sure The Ultimate Comment is all just a bit of fun anyway. Nothing too serious, now. How about some ice-cream?

"There's not enough fun to be had" is the secret of The Holy Spoon.

The Holy Spoon bears the word 'KALLISTI' meaning 'to the fairest'. This is a reference to the mythological Apple of Discord that sparked an argument between Greek goddesses over who was "the fairest" that ultimately led to the Trojan war. This story shows us how petty ego games and pride can lead to baaaad things. In this context, "there's not enough fun to be had" may mean that the ego can never be fulfilled, you can never accumulate enough fun, enough prestige, enough money or enough bitchez to satify your ego, so stop tryin', bub.

It may be compared with the First Noble Truth of Buddhism.

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