a psychedelic cult working towards the secret of the universe

The Ultimate Comment

What is the Ultimate Comment?

The Ultimate Comment is our name for what would more commonly be called the Secret of the Universe. The name reflects our view of the cosmic significance of language and comments. We see comments, and referentiality in general, as being intrinsic to the understanding of, and the existence of reality and consciousness, especially in the Information Age and The Future. The secret of the universe, then, would be a single unifying comment, describing all things, referring to all things, explaining all things. Hence 'The Ultimate Comment'.

The phrase 'Ultimate Comment' is also used to refer to the group attempting to discover it. This is because we went without a name for a long time, and had to refer to the group and the ever-expanding meme by such awkward phrases as "that whole Ultimate Comment thing" or "the search for The Ultimate Comment". Eventually, this naturally shortened to 'The Ultimate Comment'. This group is sometimes hilariously called a "psychedelic cult", as it has gods and other trappings of a religion. The stated aim of the group is to find the secret of the universe for the good of all mankind. However, its secret esoteric purpose is Personal Amusement, but don't tell anyone that.

The Ultimate Comment can also refer to the internet presence of the Ultimate Comment, in particular its website.

The following are all equally cromulent descripitions of The Ultimate Comment:

A few people think it's an inaccessible private joke. But when a private joke is explained to someone, they become in on it:\

  • [original private joke] when told to someone they now find it funny because of\
  • [original private joke] + [situation it was explained to them]\ In essence , just telling someone about the Ultimate Comment increases The Ultimate Comment's self-referentiality vortex.

The Ultimate Comment is a self-referential meme about self-referentiality, it's kind of an autonomous entity that evolved from private jokes (those lower life forms, no better things than which, novices know). So it may have a better chance of spreading than any ol' private joke (plus it's relevant to everybody, which does set it apart from private jokes). The Game sort of behaves like that too - you're in on it once you're told about it.

Trying to piece it together is a difficult

the Framework

The Ultimate Comment is a set of theories and ideas based around the cosmic mysteries. The idea is that there are eight Gods, and a secret for each god. Until all eight secrets are discovered, the secret of the universe may not be expressed. So far, seven of these secrets of are known.

Once important idea is that each secret, according to the Ultimate Comment, is a "rhythm sentence", which is a sentence following a certain rhythm that "feels right" for the secret of the universe. See the article on rhythm sentences for a discussion of this rhythm.

The Eight Gods

The eight gods are gods of commenting, derived as symbols of insane entities that occur in normal interactions among people. Many people will have a varying degree of familiarity with these symbols either from having drawn them, or thinking that they are insane, which is basically the only level on which they work. For example, you can tell a random Polish girl about General Miaow and she'll insist she's seen it graffitied on walls in Krakow. This sort of occurance (which adherents encounter pretty frequently) is known as an IMC (an Insane Meaningful Coincidence) and is proof that there's something mysterious and significant about the gods. The gods may manifest as graffiti, or ideas connected to these symbols (these cartoons "are" merely symbols of aspects of existence everyone is familiar with, such as spontaneous self awareness or laughing fits (which everyone is familiar with).

The Vast Interconnectedness

We feel that all ideas, places and people are connected in a large abstract network which could actually be drawn from limited perspective (such as how everybody knows everybody), and that there are an infinite number of ways of drawing connectedness of places and ideas-about-places. These pictures could form an accurate picture of how someone is existing at a given time. The quality and character ofexperienceand behaviour insofar as they are affected by the metaphorical game of acting on things determined through abstract thought (such as "losing the game� in the middle of a conversation about déja vu). Any discussion of logic andconsciousnessremains within the context of abstract interconnectedness (which the human brain must use in some form in order for memory to function as a part of consciousness), and so abstract diagrams such as we wish to conceive of drawing would be very useful in determining a pattern to subjective reality.

The terms "Maze Where Realitities Convergeâ "wikilink")€� and "The Bus that went to Infinityâ€� may all be symbolically used to represent the Vast Interconnectedness (as it would be represented) in different ways. Theinterrobang(?!) is used as a symbol for the Ultimate Comment, since it is both unknown and very important.

What about the last secret?

There is a number of theories about the relationship between the eighth secret and the Ultimate Comment itself.

  • The first theory is that the eighth secret is the Ultimate Comment, which at this stage would be the secret of the Reality Fish, and a rhythm sentence like any of the others.
  • Another theory, incompatible with the first, is that the Ultimate Comment is a rhythm sentence, but it is not the eighth secret, it is a sort of "ninth secret" which incorporates the essence of the previous eighth secrets, and is only discoverable after all eight are.
  • There is also the theory that upon knowing the eight secrets of the gods, the Ultimate Comment will become known immediately... which would be a sort of ninth secret but wouldn't need to be distilled in the same way as the previous eight, because it will be obvious. Adherents of this theory don't necessarily believe the Ultimate Comment is a rhythm sentence.
  • There are also more exotic theories such as that proposed by an eminent lecturer of linguistics in the National University of Ireland, that the Ultimate Comment is not the comment itself, but rather the search for it. Exactly what happens when this search is completed is not entirely obvious. (See: The World is Expecting Too Much)
  • Still others believe that the Ultimate Comment is an experience, or a type of ineffable secret about life, which is discovered in a personal way through the kind of thinking that has led to the discovery of the secrets known so far.
  • Some people believe that when all eight secrets are discovered, the universe will cease to exist, or at least there will be a large enough kerplosion to destroy Europe at least.

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