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The Miaowndukya Upanishad

Miaow!—This syllable is this whole universe.\ All that was and all that is and all that will be is the syllable Miaow!\ And whatever else that transcends threefold time—that, too, is the syllable Miaow.

For truly, everything here is The Ultimate Comment; consciousness is The Ultimate Comment. This same consciousness has eight circuits.

  • Bio-survival, outwardly conscious, whose limb is movement, whose mouth is pain, enjoying the gross, the commontoalllife, is the first circuit.\
  • The emotional, inwardly conscious, whose limb is the face, whose mouth is feeling, enjoying happiness, love, is the second circuit.\
  • The semantic, interconnectedly conscious, time-binding, whose limb is speech, whose mouth is thought, enjoying symbolism, language, is the third circuit.\
  • The socio-sexual, socially conscious, whose limb is interaction, whose mouth is friendship, enjoying others, enjoying sex is the fourth circuit.\
  • The neuro-somatic, magnetically conscious, whose limb is apprehending, whose mouth is ecstasy, enjoying bliss, enjoying understanding, is the fifth circuit.\
  • The neuro-genetic, humanistically conscious, whose limb is culture, whose mouth is memory, enjoying the emotions of humanity, the culture of the world, is the sixth circuit.\
  • The neuro-electric circuit, meta-conscious, whose limb is metaprogramming, whose mouth is knowledge, enjoying control, intellection, is the seventh circuit\
  • The neuro-atomic, Ultimately conscious, without a limb but pure consciousness itself, whose mouth is gnosis, enjoying The Ultimate Comment, enjoying chaos and Being, is the eighth circuit.

This is the consciousness with regard to the syllable Miaow, with regard to its elements. The elements are the circuits, the elements: M, E, I, A, O, U, W and


He obtains, verily, indeed, all desires, he becomes enlightened—he who knows this.

He exalts, verily, indeed, the continuity of knowledge; and he becomes equal; no one ignorant of The Ultimate Comment is born in the family of him who knows this.

  • The first circuit, the bio-survival, is the letter M.\
  • The second circuit, the emotional, is the letter E.\
  • The third circuit, the semantic time-binding, is the letter I.\
  • The fourth circuit, the socio-sexual, is the letter A.\
  • The fifth circuit, the neuro-somatic, is the letter O.\
  • The sixth circuit, the neuro-genetic, is the letter U.\
  • The seventh circuit, the neuro-electric, is the letter W.\

The eighth is without a sound, just a punctuation mark‽ There can be no dealing with it‽ The cessation of development‽ Benign‽

This is the lord of all‽ This is the all-knowing‽ This is the inner controller‽ This is the source of all, for this is the origin and the end of beings‽

Not inwardly conscious, not outwardly conscious, not both-ways conscious, not a consciousness-mass, not conscious, not unconscious, unseen, with which there can be no dealing, ungraspable, having no distinguishing characteristics, unthinkable, unnameable, the assurance of which is the state of being one with the Universe, the cessation of development, tranquil, benign, without a Beyond —such is the eighth circuit‽

He, verily, rules this whole world, and he becomes its psychonaut—he who knows this.

Thus Miaow is consciousness indeed.\ He who knows this, with his consciousness enters The Ultimate Comment—yea, he who knows this! (We think so anyway; maybe we're completely wrong.)

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