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The Game

You have just lost the Game. That is how the Game starts, with the loss of it. It has no winners (except Chuck Norris) only losers. The basic principle of this game is: you are not allowed to think about the Game, otherwise you lose it. If you lose it you must announce it to the world around you, and they may berate you or make fun of you on this misfortune. The others around you do not lose if they think of the Game because of this admission of defeat.

Various rules after this loss happens are that the Game doesn't restart for half an hour, an hour, etc, but the most common would seem to be that the Game restarts every time you forget about it again.

It brings great amusement to attempt to remind other about the game: leaving objects to remind them around, sending e-mails, text messages, notes, letters, smoke signals, etc. Another amusing way that has been conceived is to associate in the victims mind common household objects with the Game, so that any time they see these objects they will think of and then lose the Game. This is easier than it sounds and if the victim is a fair player he or she will reinforce the association by announcing defeat every time they see the object, hence creating a vicious cycle.

The Game is the perfect example of a meme.

The origins of the Game are unknown. There are reports of various other themes of game and there exists a website which is an attempt to track down the original player, but has at time of writing been unsuccessful. Interestingly, Wikipedia deleted their article on The Game after six lengthy debates, even preventing the article from ever being recreated, on the basis that the Game cannot be proven to exist enough in order to be verifiable. (Or, perhaps so that they aren't constantly reminded of it)

Good luck and may you forget this article immediately.