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The Bus that went to Infinity

The [LMK](LMK "wikilink") Angel on the Bus that Went To
Infinity The Bus that Went To Infinity - 46A

The Bus That Went to infinity is a metaphor for describing the character of geographical experience of people who live in the suburbs of Dublin. This particular metaphor describes the social connective system of a large number of young people born between 1983 and 1987 and lived or went to school and college between town and north Wicklow between 2002 and late 2004. The model will need to be reworked following socio-geographical changes as they happen, however it would be simple to do so. The idea centres around different ways to access higher dimensions between the Dimensional Transfunctioner in town, which could be seen as the area all these suburbanites hold in common, and the complex ways of accessing areas outside town, such as using the LUAS or DART, as routes from a central point to an interconnective nexus of friends-who-know-friends in the suburbs and satellite towns.

Various social nodes (of particular importance would be the Institute of Education, UCD and St. Stephen’s Green exist along the 46a route, and bumping into others from the Bus That Went to Infinity on this "Bus That Went To Infinity" was very common and contingent groups formed on buses, people were even introduced or carried out relationships and friendships on the 46a. Other buses of consideration include as the 10, the 84, all N11 buses and rural routes such as St. Kevin’s Bus Service, and may be assumed to be "Buses That Went To Infinity" in their own right.

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