The Holy Spoon

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Secret: The hag is a goddess


In the princess bride, the princess betrays her "one true love" and is punished by her conscience in the form of a hag (

We don't care about one true loves (particularly). BUT the point of the tale is that the hag is a goddess (she knows and lives and embodies the loss/gain drama of the universe) and is actually a hag and is actually a goddess.

Basically she is a loser irl but also has the closest most lived and holy contact with divine stuffs. She lives the earth and the sky etc etc. She is Persephone/Inanna/animus/anima etc. She knows fully the duality of things but she also lives these intoxicating paradoxes so closely that all she can do is take a grim pleasure in letting out haunting groans.

Her story tells us that sometimes divine illumination comes with a loss of worldly acceptance. Especially if you're female (weird, huh?).

But also she tell us who cares if apples are absolutely forever and always bittersweet, the point is to to eat them.

Leagan Gaeilge

Ainm: An Spúnóg Naofa
Rún: Siúil a Rúin

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