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The Reality Fish is the god of self-referentiality.

Self-referentiality is the basis of language. Transformational linguistics seems to show us that the deep structure for any pronoun is 'I'; in other words, all language is fundamentally self-referential. Theologians from Aristotle to Plotinus to many mainstream Christians have concluded that God thinks himself into existence constantly. That is to say, God's existence is his thought of himself.

Deductive logic, always thought to be the highest holiest truthiest of truths, gets completely fucked up when self-referentiality enters the scene. The simplest expression of this is the proposition "This sentence is false." It cannot be assigned a value of truth or falsity without leading to contradiction. What does this mean? That there are truth values other than the binary of 'True' and 'False'? That deductive logic is not universally applicable?

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