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Oscar Wilde

The popular portrayal of Oscar Wilde is the understanding of idiots who are titillated by the notion of a homosexual and too dumb to delve into anything more than soundbytes. In truth, Oscar Wilde was a great philosopher and artist in the noblest sense of the words, as an intelligent reading of The Picture of Dorian Gray will show. Like Salvador Dalí, he deserves respect for transforming his entire life into an artwork.

He lived within metres of Thomas the Walking Head, and the connexion between the two is a major area of insanological research.

"People today are so absolutely superficial that they don't understand the philosophy of the superficial"

"It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. The true mystery of the world is in the visible, not the invisible."

"And, certainly, to him life itself was the first, the greatest, of the arts, and for it all the other arts seemed to be but a preparation. Fashion, by which what is really fantastic becomes for a moment universal, and Dandyism, which, in its own way, is an attempt to assert the absolute modernity of beauty, had, of course, their fascination for him."

"There were times when it appeared to Dorian Gray that the whole of history was merely the record of his own life, not as he had lived it in act and circumstance, but as his imagination had created it for him, as it had been in his brain and in his passions.\ He felt that he had known them all, those strange terrible figures that had passed across the stage of the world and made sin so marvellous and evil so full of subtlety. It seemed to him that in some mysterious way their lives had been his own."