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Cats miaow. Miaowing is a form of worship of General Miaow. He seems to have, for reasons known only to himself, and possibly as a preliminary step in some diabolic scheme, spread the meme of miaowing to the human race. It's fuckin' everywhere now; people who've never heard of The Ultimate Comment have been heard miaowing in several countries around the world, and on TV.\ Miaowing has come to be used by people to express anything from disappointment to affection to lust to solidarity to boredom to amusement to insanity. The tone, length and vowel sounds of an individual miaow are modulated by the situation in which it is For uttered, to produce the Specific Miaow, a function of General Miaow.

According to a salvia trip I had one time, all language is permutations of the syllable Miaow. Anyone who's studied linguistics will know that sentences have a 'deep structure' in the brain. What comes out of the mouth is transformed from some more basic form (e.g. "Mary was fucked by John" has the deep structure "John fucked Mary"). It turns out that underneath all the puzzling and complex linguistic transformations, at the deepest level, all utterances are, in fact, "Miaow". It's like that.

Contrary to what you may have heard "Miaow" and not "�" is the true pranava, the sound from which all the universe was born. Phonetically, it starts with a bilabial nasal (i.e. the 'm' is made at the lips), then a continuous spectrum of all the vowels starts (with 'e') from the front of the mouth right back to the back of the throat (to 'i' to 'a' to 'o' to 'u'). So it is like drawing a sound into yourself. It covers the whole range of human articulation - lips to gullet - so all language is contained within it in the same way all colours are contained within white light. He who meditates on the syllable "miaow" shall verily attain The Ultimate Comment.

If we accept it to be parallel with 'Aum', the 'm' represents the deep sleep (non-dreaming sleep) state, then comes the dreaming state, then the waking state of consciousness then the silence representing chaos underneath it all. (See The Miaowndukya Upanishad for further catmatic details).

Aum means "I am". Biblically, the true name of God - Yahweh - means "I am". Therefore it is likely that "Miaow" also means "I am". It is the sound of pure Being, the ultimate reality, the absolute, the which than which there is no whicher. This would fit in with the theory that all statements are permuatations of Miaow, as all statements have Being as the ground of their semantic meaning - "All fnords are vermillion" implies that fnords exist. Even when we talk of fictional things, we talk of them as existing.

By Insane Meaningful Coincidences, miaowing is also incredibly similar to the "IAO", traditionally the most supremest magical formula, whose symbolism is explained here. It can mean courage, love and wisdom, the three qualities necessary to greatness.

The word can also sometimes be written and pronounced "MiLaow". The meaning and reasons behind this were a mystery until the 8/8/08, when it was discovered that this variation gives a Hebrew spelling Mem-Yod-Lamed-Aleph-Vau-Vau, which by Gematria enumerates to 93, the number of love, will and victory.

Many commenteers like to miaow at cats whenever they see them, in an attempt to establish inter-species communication. It's pretty hard to miaow at a cat well enough to get it to miaow back, but when you do, it feels like you've got a glimpse of absolute truth.


Miaow slowly and resonantly, imagining that you are drawing acoustic energy downwards through your body and visualising this as multicoloured light moving from your lips down to your perineum. Start with the vowel "E" in the highest pitch you can manage and move fluidly through the spectrum of sound so "U" is at the deepest pitch you can pronounce.

  • Make a very high pitched "Mi" sound and visualize a blue light coming from your head. Feel the sound resonate in your head.
  • Make a lower pitched "E" sound and visualize a green light coming from your throat. Feel the sound resonate in your throat.
  • Make a lower pitched "A" sound and visualize a yellow light coming from your chest. Feel the sound resonate in your chest.
  • Make a lower pitched "O" sound and visualize a red light coming from your core. Feel the sound resonate in your core.
  • Make a very low pitched "Uw" sound and visualize a purple light coming from your perineum. Feel the sound resonate in your perineum.
  • Be silent for a moment and visualise white light filling your whole body.

Now it's gonna take some practise to keep track of all that at once, and to go from high to low tones fluidly. This magic miaow covers the whole tonal range of the voice, the whole range of articulation of the voice, the whole of the spectrum of colours and the whole of the centreline of the human body. Because it uses so much of the possible representational systems of human thought, it will seem very important and absorbing, and can be used to add power to magickal workings like The banishing ritual of The Ultimate Comment. What's really cool is when you get a bunch of people to start doing this out of sync with one another, so you just hear a complex soundfield of miaowing.


From Wikipaedia\ The unique sound a cat makes is written onomatopoeically as "meow" or similar variants ("miaow", "miau" etc.) in most European languages. Japanese renders it as "nyaa" or "nyan", Korean as "yaong" or "nyaong". In Arabic the sound is transcribed as "mowa'a". In Russian the sound is "М�у". Other variants exist throughout the world. In the Thai language, the word for 'cat' is "Meao". The Chinese word 'miao' may mean 'marvellous' or 'mysterious'.

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