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Law of Unfulfilled Expectations

The law states that:

The chances of an event to happen as you expect it to are inversely proportional to the good-bad scale position of your expectations.

where the good-bad scale measures whether your expectation is hoping for the best (tending towards infinity on the scale) or the worst (0 on the scale).

It is a comment on the unpredictability of events and the futileness of worrying about things overly. It is linked with the The DXM Angel since without worry or future thought we are close to it being happening in the place.

It also has the odd consequence that the more we think about a happy event happening, the less likely it is to happen, since thought builds hope builds expectation, so if you want good things to happen to you try not to think about them too much!

We must also realise that bad and good are not absolute things, and that bad things come out of good and vice versa.

This law is close to Murphy's Law.