a psychedelic cult working towards the secret of the universe

Introduction to the Ultimate Comment

The official symbol of the Ultimate Comment is the
[Interrobang](Interrobang "wikilink") Welcome to the website of the Ultimate Comment! We hope you enjoy what you see here. We're always looking for new people to help us find out the Secret of the Universe, so if you feel like you have any good ideas, head on over to the forums.

The Ultimate Comment is a framework for uniting all ideas around the Secret of the Universe, especially the kind that come up at parties when everyone's really fucked, or when you're staring at the sunset and the world seems meaningful.

The Ultimate Comment started with people talking philosophy at parties, thinking psychedelic thoughts, making in-jokes, and linking idea to idea. At no point did we decide it would be a gas to found a psychedelic cult (that would have been pretty novice-y of us); it just sort of happened by itself and is completely out of control and has become a social movement by this stage.

It highlights the importance of commenting on situations as a way of obtaining meaning, humour, or insight into them, and attempts to make the broadest possible comment on everything people comment about (the full extent of all human communication), especially where those things concern the secret of the universe, such as Insane Meaningful Coincidences, the Vast Interconnectedness of Everything, and the Future.

Eight Gods, Eight Secrets

Basically, the Ultimate Comment figures there are The eight gods, one for each secret. We don't exactly worship our gods, but they represent (among other things) specific feelings, different forces operating in reality, dimensions, and vibes. Their names and images were revealed during moments of revelation and communion with the universe. Their names are\ The Dimensional Transfunctioner\ General Miaow\ Triangulon\ The Holy Spoon\ The Reality Fish\ Thomas the Walking Head\ A Magical Trumpet Called Bill\ The DXM Angel\ They tend to get drawn an awful lot, which is why you'll see numerous childish sketches of them on this website, as well as around yourself, if you look hard enough.

Secrets and rhythm sentences

All of the secrets are "rhythm sentences" in that they have a rhythm very similar to eachother.`(To use a metaphor of vibration they "resonate" with eachother) Unfortunately due to an extra beat their rhythm can't be described using terminology of poetic meter, however, a quick look at the known secrets, and an attempt to say them out loud will familiarise you with their sound.

The rhythm is codenamed 4392018, since that is the number everyone thinks they've heard before. Everyone I've met, anyway.\ The known secrets were created by the 'distillation' of ideas pointing towards 1. There being a secret of the Universe according to the Ultimate Comment system and 2. It being a 'good' thing to know the secret. The point is that (2) entails that knowing these secrets affords their discoverers some sort of positive benefit, therefore you might consider their believers to become gradually more optimistic and positive-thinking (since surely the quickest route to eternal bliss, which most people feel would follow knowing the secret of the universe, would be knowing what there automatically is to be happy about for that will never ever change).

The secrets aren't necessarily universal truisms, they are comments which occur in context. In this case, the context is the secret of the universe. If that sounds like bullshit, you're beginning to understand.

X is SUCH a part of the Ultimate Comment

Naturally, because the Ultimate Comment describes the whole universe, everything is part of it. But we feel that certain things are SO part of the Ultimate Comment that they deserve a special mentions. Among those things are:

So have a look around and see whether you think these things are part of the secret of the universe, or whether we're talking a load of crap.


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