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The interrobang is the symbol of The Ultimate Comment. It is an underused punctuation mark combining the meanings and forms of the exclamation mark and the question mark. It's also been called a quexclamation mark. The secret of the universe is a mystery - ? - and it is very important - ! - so the interrobang is an apt symbol.

The interrobang expresses the attitude of a curious, interested person faced with the universe: wonderment, a sense of mystery and curiosity, but at the same time decisiveness and action.

Have you ever noticed how all of thought is a succession of quesions and answers? Even if you want to disagree with this, you can only do so by first asking yourself if you agree or not.

Like the wand and the cup of magick, the interrobang represents how we engage with the universe both passively - by sense-perception and understanding - and actively - by volition. (see: Aether, Zos and Kia)

Many religions have a symbol uniting the subject and object: the lingam yoni of Hinduism, the Ankh of Egyptian religion, the yin-yang of Taoism or the Rose Cross. ("Those persons who have supposed that the use of these symbols implied worship of the generative organs, merely attributed to the sages of every time and country minds of a calibre equal to their own." - Aleister Crowley). Ordinary language and ordinary mind views all acts as dualistic, as having a subject and an object. We conceptualize all events in the form, "X does something to Y" and we tend to assume that this is what is really happening. In reality (itself), there is no distinction of this sort, because, as discussed in the essay, 'The Only Division's Linguistic', in reality, there aren't any things. The illusion of things comes about by linguistic hypnotism. Therefore what we think of as "X does something to Y" is - before we start conceptualizing and speculating about it - "something happens". Thus that which does something (!) is united with that to which something is done (?) in a pure action (‽).

If The Only Division's Linguistic, then words and the things they represent do not truly exist and as Hui Neng said, "There has never been a thing." However, in dealing with existence, we still take certain attitudes and perform certain mental actions, whether receptiveness towards knowledge (?), interest or excitement (!), causal relation (:), interconnectedness (;), co-existence (,), finality (.), choice (/), or others.\ Once we accept the emptiness of 'things' (what Buddhists call sunnata), words dissolve into nothingness, but punctuation remains. Try to think without words, using only puctuation marks. Is that possible? Is it: A) insane, B) a pisstake, C) awake to emptiness or D) all of the above?\ The Ultimate Comment is better represented by a punctuation mark than by a word. The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe.\ The above should shed some light on the divine mysteries of The Miaowndukya Upanishad.

To type an interrobang on your computer, there are two ways. If your operating system supports Unicode fonts, such as Ubuntu or Windows Vista (possibly Mac OS), you might be able to use "insert symbol", typing ALT+8253 or just copy and paste this one if you can see it: ‽

Alternatively, if you're using Microsoft Word, the "wingdings 2" font has interrobangs in a few styles.

Insane Meaningful Coincidences

Aleister Crowley's dodgy essay on ontology, 'The Soldier and the Hunchback' is subtitled "! and ?" and his 'Book of Lies' has two title pages with nothing on them but ? and !.

The Book of the SubGenius uses the interrobang as a symbol twice, with no explanation.

The Partnership For A Drug-Free America, in emulation of our psychedelic cult, have adopted the interrobang as their logo.