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You must have chaos in you to give birth to a dancing star!" - Thus Spoke Zarathusta

Insanity can crudely be separated into three categories;

The Noun Insanity

This refers to psychical or metaphysical insanity, such as the stuff that flies out the front of A Magical Trumpet Called Bill. It is commonly represented by familiar symbols (*\$"*~'?!) laid out in a seemingly random order, or in no order at all. This insanity is theorised to be sub-atomic particles vibrating at a frequency of 4392018 revolutions per second. In quantum theory, insanity is thought to consist of indivisible bundles called insanemes. Examples of insanemes can be found here.

The 'Good' Insanity

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airport This refers to a mindset of confusion and altered perception sometimes acquired by staying awake for extended periods of time and/or consuming psychedelics. This state has proved to be both fun and useful for developing theories relevant to The The Ultimate Comment.

Insanity is something that crops up every now and then at parties and social events, or unexpectedly during the course of daily life. It can, in fact, be seen as the purpose and ends of all human interaction. Imagine this scenario: you're at a party and it's kinda quiet and boring and you're feeling uncomfortably bored or restless. You walk into the kitchen, to the sight of two clowns having a Knife Fights, or a semi-naked woman playing an oversized version of croquet, or whatever it may be. Everything automatically changes. Nothing that mattered before matters any more. Nothing is unimportant or trivial; all is cosmic and important. You have entered a divine, transfigured state of consciousness, somewhat similar to Nietzsche's Dionysian rapture. The quality that comes over you at such times is what we mean by 'insanity'. This is the purpose of using things like drugs, koans and patten interupts

The 'Bad' Insanity

Mr Insano

This is an extreme and permanent form of 'good' insanity. Symptoms are rambling incoherently, rambling around partially naked, eating inedible things etc. Mr. Insano is seen to be a personification of the 'bad' insanity at its more violent extreme. An interesting activity is to mix persons experiencing 'good' insanity with a person experiencing 'bad' insanity; the verbal ramblings about 'Nazis in the sky controlling us like puppet-people trapped in some sort of four dimensional stage' can lead to fun theorizing, such as "who are the spectators for this puppet show?", "what's in it for the Nazis?" and can practically reduce the 'bad' insanity to a reasonably 'good' level. (See commentology)

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