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Insane Meaningful Coincidences

Insane Meaningful Coincidences have been noted by just about everything who's ever looked for meaning in life. Carl Jung called them 'synchronicities' and believed they were demonstrations of the collective subconscious. A skeptic might explain them as demonstrations of nothing more than the mind's ingenuity in concocting arbitrary connexions. If this is the case, it is still just as meaningful, as it gives us an insight into the workings of our minds. This is how most forms of magickal divination, like Tarot or scying, work.

The 23 enigma is a perfect example of an IMC.

One purpose of Insane Meaningful Coincidences is to validate The Ultimate Comment by demonstrating people all around the world are on to the same things as we are, thus showing the cosmic significance thereof.

Some examples of people knowing things they have no way of knowing about The Ultimate Comment: