a psychedelic cult working towards the secret of the universe

Everything self-perpetuates

Alternativelywritten as "Everything's self-perpetuating", this is the secret of Triangulon.

It can relate to the fact that one's attitude upon entering a situation or thinking about a situation will obviously affect how one feels about it, and will make one think positively or enthusiastically about it, which will improve the situation and their confidence about it, ad infinitum.

It can also be an insane theory of evolution through necessity. It doesn't explain how being itself started (that has to do with The Reality Fish), but it explains what happens from there. Once any amount of being and kinesis exists, patterns will emerge sooner or later, if only by chance. Because of the inherent necessity of survival, the only patterns which will continue to exist on a long enough timescale are those which change in favour of their own perpetuation. Slowly, slowly, swirls of cosmic dust begat other swirls of cosmic dust. Planets formed, and built their architecture of tectonics, stalactites and stalacmites more quickly.

Then complex carbon-based molecules started self-perpetuating and the process got ever quicker. All being may be seen as self-perpetuating systems happening at various rates: planets evolving faster than galaxies, trees evolving faster than planets, animals evolving faster than trees, man evolving faster than animals, computers evolving faster than man, and so on unto the singularity.

Endless forms most beautiful build on primal chaos by necessity. This law of necessity is stressed throughout religion and philosophy; Spinoza called it conatus; Nietzsche called it the will-to-power; the Scientologists talk about 'survival' in this sense.

What does this secret tell us about death? Is Triangulon revealing to us that after death, the momentum of the thoughts and actions that go to make a person echo through eternity?