DXM Angel

The DXM Angel

Secret: It's Happening in the Place

The DXM stands for "Do eXercise More" which is certainly good advice. (Bet you thought it had to do with dextromethorphan, didn't ya?) Very little is known about the DXM Angel, though she is one of the most commonly sighted of the abstract gods, her image appearing in fog and smoke patterns. It's possible that the DXM Angel is invisible without such a substrate.

The link to DXM

Without the DXM angel, the gods would therefore solely exist as seven gods. Seven gods would be, en francais, Les Sept Dieus, and en espaol, Los Siete Dioses. No time to dwell, I'll let you figure out the link.

Her secret

Death is dissolution. Death is what happens when you forget that the source those bright lights coming towards you is an approaching Luas.

Nobody knows what happens to your consciousness after death, mainly because the only way someone could tell us is through their body, which in death, becomes inanimate.

Western society seems to be afraid of death as the worst possible outcome of any event, however there are many cultures that accept death as a part of life. The 'cycle of life' seems relevant in this respect.

Death is seen as important as life itself. The Way of the Samurai is the best, most authentic way of dealing with death ever devised.

Forest fires are also relevant in this respect; death of plant life is needed so the ashes of the dead will fertilise new life.

From the ashes new life will grow. unless we nuke everything.

This has been taken to mean that spontaneous awareness is constantly accessible. When you say "It's happening", it does.

It could also be taken as an assertion of existence as it is experienced - embedded in space and time. It's Happening In The Place is a rejection of behaviourist or functionalist accounts of consciousness.

Be here now.

It could be read as a reminder of the perfection and reality of each experience. Are you looking for truth? Well, truth is right here; it is disclosed to consciousness at every moment. It's Happening In The Place.

Leagan Gaeilge

Ainm: An tAingeal DMA (Déan níos Mó Aclaíochta)
Rún: Tá sé ag tarlú san áit

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