a psychedelic cult working towards the secret of the universe


Hail Eris! Goddess of chaos!

Discordianism (also known as Erisianism, but not by anyone I've ever met) is a religion that does not attempt to impose order upon the chaos of existence. Instead of seeking answers, it celebrates mystery. Instead of trying to make sense of the universe, it grooves on nonsense. Instead of preaching to the masses, Discordians laugh their heads off until the parishioners remove the zonked ninnies at the back who are disturbing the vicar.

Robert Anton Wilson, an influential Discordian, argued that Discordianism is not just "an elaborate joke disguised as a religion" but that it is in fact "a religion disguised as an elaborate joke". That is to say, its silliness is a valid, even mystic, response to the mystery of existence. Discordianism is strongly influenced by Zen, which can often be just as silly, and has no more respect for intellectual answers, yet is undeniably a pretty fucking good religion.

Discordians don't have dogmas (absolute, fixed beliefs). Instead, they have catmas (relative meta-beliefs). A basic catma is that "All affirmations are true in some sense, false in some sense, meaningless in some sense, true and false in some sense, true and meaningless in some sense, false and meaningless in some sense, and true and false and meaningless in some sense." Now don't take that catma to be really true, it's true in some sense, false in some sense, meaningless in some sense, true and false in some sense, true and meaningless in some sense, false and meaningless in some sense, and true and false and meaningless in some sense. (I was trying to find the right wording of that quote just now, and Google told me that it's from Jainism. Interesting.)

An online text of Principia Discordia by Malaclypse the Younger, will give you more disinformation. 'Tis a very good book altogether.

right|thumb|The Sacred Chao Its relationship to The Ultimate Comment is unclear, except that The Holy Spoon bears the word "Kallisti" (or, in Greek, "καλλιστι") featured on the Golden Apple of Eris.

Credit is due to Discordianism for the step further than simple postmodern or psychedelic thought it takes. It recognises the ultimately disorganised nature of the universe, the homocentricity and linguistic nature of the artificial divisions forming the boundaries of human reality. But it also recognises the obvious and undeniable co-existence of an ordered universe, because without one, we would never be able to get anythng done and the world would never have been formed. The Sacred Chao symbolizifies the dialectic between order and chaos, or the explained and the unexplained or between 'serious' comments and jokey ones - in Discordian terminology, the Hodge and the Podge. (Compare the interrobang) The first stage of enlightenment in Discordianism is to realize that existence is nonsensical. The higher illumination is the realization that sense and nonsense are both mere concepts and are both equally inadequate to contain existence.

The thing that's incomplete about this wisdom, by now conventional among Discordians (and perhaps everyone who takes an interest in Internet culture) is that the universe is not binary. There is not one merely one pentagonal pattern superimposed on the chaos that Discordians imagine, there is a finite number of reality constructs constantly forming, changing and evaporating in the consciousness of human bengs, out of an infinite number of possible constructs and metaconstructs.

To cut this number down to something convenient, like Three, we have the trinary nature of the universe, represented in The Ultimate Comment by the massive, unrelenting presence of Triangulon. True - in order for you to read this, you must be living a life which began for no reason, living surrounded by chemicals and matter and waves which appeared apparently out of nowhere, in a universe which doesn't give a shit about you. However, you must also have some concept of linear style time to understand sentences and put meanings to words. You must inhabit the space in between a Hollywood movie-style ordered universe and an ocean of chaos and meaningless. This is the convenient pocket of existence we call reality, and The Ultimate Comment, understanding the wafer-thinness of mundane constructs on the surface of existence, and the hard nutty insanity in the centre, seeks also to embrace the creamy layer in the middle, and all the delicious universes it contains.

Discordianism, like all monotheisms, overlooks the fact that The Good wears many masks. Discordians are all hilarious all the time, which becomes iritating at a certain point. We at The Ultimate Comment think that this de-centred world of the future calls for some good old-fashioned polytheism. While Eris, goddess of absurdity, must be worshipped, so too must smoky-eyed Voluptas, goddess of sensuality, shining Apollo, fire of the intellect, turquoise-skinned Lord Krishna, almighty king of Love, horned Pan, the passionate All-Devourer, All-Begetter, quick Coyote, god of poker who is the same as Loki, and along with these a thousand other gods. Absurdity has its place in existence, but there is more to existence than absurdity.

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