a psychedelic cult working towards the secret of the universe


Making all the decisions of your life based on the roll of dice has several interesting effects:

  • You'll be much more likely to get yourself into crazy adventures
  • You'll learn to act without lust of result, to engage in an action for its own sake, to do without thinking about doing
  • Have you ever been on drugs and found yourself unable to make even the most trivial decision? No more!
  • The tangle of habits, attractions, revulsions and beliefs about yourself that you call your personality will no longer govern your actions. Thus you will learn to be free.

We got the idea from The Diceman by Luke Rhinehart, a very intelligent book about deconstructing the ego.

"No man is strong enough to have no interest.\ Therefore the best king would be Pure Chance.\ It is Pure Chance that rules the Universe; therefore,\ and only therefore, life is good."\

centre|thumb|The only strategy that cannot be predicted is a random
strategy. Random acts force us to live outside of habit and autopilot,
that is, to live