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Chaos Star

The chaos star symbol.

The chaos star signifies infinite possibilities. Note how there are 8 points on the star, quite possibly one for each of the eight gods. It shows, among other things, how energy expands from any point in all directions. WHOOSH!

This star as well as chaos itself is quite possibly related directly to the meaning of the ultimate comment itself.

Interestingly, the World Transhumanist Association uses an eight-pointed star as its symbol.

Magick is defined as the harmonious expansion of the self. The chaos star illustrates this, showing things spreading outward as the magician expands his sexual, financial, physical, sensuous, experiential, psychological and social possibilities.

The eight points of the star can be seen as representing eight branches of magick: pure magick, thinking magick, love magick, sex magick, war magick, death magick, wealth magick and ego magick.

The chaos star possibly has some historical link with the star of Ishtar.

Compare this, 'Swiftness' from Aleister Crowley's Taro deck, of which he wrote, "The pictorial representation of the card shows the Light-wands turned into electrical rays, sustaining or even constituting Matter by their vibrating energy. Above this restored universe shines the rainbow; the division of pure light, which deals with maxima, into the seven colours of the spectrum, which exhibit interplay and correlation. This card, therefore, represents energy of high velocity, such as furnishes the master-key to modern mathematical physics. It will be noted that there are no flames; they have all been taken up into the wands to turn them into rays. On the other hand, the electric energy has created intelligible geometrical form."

The muladhara chakra, located at the narse, wherein the serpent of wisdom lies sleeping, is surrounded by eight spears, making it look a bit like a chaos star.

One Tribe, an occult website. Download the mp3 of the interview with members of the Illuminates of Thanateros for a very detailed discussion of the chaos star.

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