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Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller: legend. He was a scientist and inventor whose vision was to make the world work for everyone without any problems, by intelligent use of resources and "design science". This is right in line with The Ultimate Comment's utopian vision of The Future. He invented the "dymaxion house" which cost a fraction of what ordinary houses cost to run, could be built in a few days for a few grand, was easier to clean and more sanitary than traditional houses, and basically superior in every way. But it never caught on because no, people don't want to live in shiny metal things, they want to live in the old bricks-and-mortar houses that take a year to built (whoops, actually, it won't be ready for two years). This is too new, too different, sorry.

He also invented the geodesic dome, which did sorta catch on. It's the strongest, most cost-efficient and cheapest structure ever designed.

Another one was the dymaxion car. (Watch those videos; they're pretty amazing.) It could carry eleven people, turn around on the spot, do 120mph and had the best fuel efficiency of any car then made.

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